Elevators for passanger

The high rhythm of modern life causes need in reliable, comfortable and that the most important, technically perfect vehicles. It is a question not only of cars, but also of passenger elevators which are practically in all office and residential buildings.

The ThyssenKrupp  professionally is engaged in installation of lifting devices, and today offers the wide model range presented by passenger elevators of various loading capacity, for reasonable price. Our products are made of high-quality materials with use of the modern equipment by the qualified experts, and therefore it isn't necessary to doubt their quality. Long-term practice of creation of passenger elevators without machine room visually showed that fact that we are capable to satisfy inquiries even our most exacting customer. We are responsible for each unit made by us and we can guarantee high quality and the excellent price.

Now rather large number of various companies is engaged in sale of elevators, but high quality, stylish design and acceptable cost of the production can guarantee not all. We work in the relevant sector of the market for a long time to understand that wished specifically by our potential customers, and therefore we provide them the most favorable and convenient conditions of cooperation. 

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