Installation works

We bring to your attention professional services of installation of elevators and the lift equipment. Specialists of the "Eurolift" carry out installation of any types of elevators, including passenger, cargo, panoramic, cottage and others. All necessary works are carried out in the shortest terms. Installation of elevators will be executed according to standards, the lift equipment and mine before commissioning will be carefully checked.

At installation of the lift equipment the best materials which reliability is confirmed with numerous certificates and consequently, due level of safety is provided are used.

The cost of installation of the elevator depends on complexity of the order and the terms which are taking away on its performance. Our experts are at any time ready to leave on object and to give a preliminary estimate to works on installation of the lift equipment and mine. Total calculation of cost of installation of the elevator is possible only after the detailed analysis of the order.

If you completely agree with the cost of installation of the elevator, the bilateral contract is signed, and we start the responsibilities on the object entrusted to us.

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