Technical maintenance

Our company offers services in maintenance and repair of elevators. Specialists of the "Eurolift" company carry out service and repair of any types of elevators, including passenger, cargo, panoramic, cottage and others. In staff the qualified employees who in the shortest terms will be able to make elevator repair even if he demands capital repairs work, to prepare the mechanism for work, to rectify any possible faults. Periodic preventive repair and regular maintenance of the elevator will allow to prolong the term of its service significantly.

In case repair isn't possible, we will offer full replacement of the lift equipment or a concrete detail. We adjusted close partnership with the best suppliers of spare parts. Repair or replacement of elevators or the equipment will be made strictly in the terms coordinated with the client.

We have always favorable tariffs for services, the cost of service of elevators directly depends on complexity of the order – whether complex repair of the lift equipment or only replacement of any one detail is required.

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